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February 23, 2018

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Be sure to join Emergency Exit as we go INTO THE MYSTIC and explore Sleep Paralysis.


What is this bizarre condition that leaves its victims unable to move? Is this a spiritual experience, what about Aliens? Shadow People?


Tune in Monday March 5th on facebook LIVE as we do our best to uncover this little talked about condition. Like Emergency Exit Podcast on facebook and be the first to know when we go live.


Do you have a Sleep Paralysis story, email us at Subscribe to Emergency Exit podcasts wherever you gets your pods.


Have you tried to answer Hard Hats Question of the week?

Everyone knows of the Northern lights, some might call them the aura borealis. What causes these strange dancing lights in the sky?


Email your answer to, slide in our DM's on twitter, @EmExPod. This weeks winner will get an Emergency Exit Branded t-shirt!


Until next time, for Nick, for Los, I am Brandon saying, THATS RIGHT



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Midnight in the Graveyard

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