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From the Left Hash 40

August 13th, 2019

Will Dak get his $40million? Is he ever worth that much? E thinks Dallas is a dumpster fire. Will the Browns show out this year? What about those different helmet?


Should UT play Texas A&M again? The guys give their college football final four, and Jj thinks Texas has a GREAT chance this year. 


UFC 241 and Surprise Surprise 


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Emergency Exit 116 Harassing Tweets

August 12th, 2019



So the point of this is what, exactly? 


Is this an attempt to fuel hatred so that people will harass others based on supporting a president? Just imagine if a Republican did this…

Here's his response.


Here is a clip of him getting some shit from people who can see this is divisive and full of hate and simply idiotic. 



Funny videos to end the show on.

https://twitter.com/kelliekelly23/status/1160461101655445505?s=09 titties and fights


https://twitter.com/MarkDice/status/1160660971016208384?s=09 drag queen teaching twerking to kids.


https://youtu.be/QDeeMbtoXtQ woman won't have sex with dude and dude leaves her in the cold. Fucked up, but pretty funny

.https://youtu.be/XbJrIeEjtaY he thanks his wife, and his girlfriend.

From the Left Hash 39: And feeling fantasy football

August 6th, 2019

Its fantasy football season and by listening to this show ou know you're going to get the best insights on who should be that number 1 pick. Should it be a RB? When do you draft a TE? What about a kicker?


In thie episode the guys breakdown different draft strategies and what their top picks are and why. 


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Emergency Exit 115 Who Do We Blame, Rhetoric?

August 5th, 2019



This is what it sounds like when world collide,

Finding common ground, and breaking the divide

August 5, 2019

Democrats blames trump and Republicans 

Republicans blame the Democrats 

We ought to blame both far right and far left identitarianism. They are equally racist and have dangerous ideologies.

These are the people who 

The republicans are not white supremacists.

The democrats are not identitarians.


It is the far right who are white supremacists.

It is the far left who are the identitarians. 


What I see from centrists, moderates, conservatives, condemning extremism non stop.


The left condones it. Antifa attacks on reporters, people wearing red hats, etc. 

Antifa are not anti fascists. 


Two things can be true at the same time. 

White supremacists and antifa are both bad. We must call them out. 

Is it a coincidence that a high percent of these killers are on some type of prescription drugs. 

Can't we agree the evil is the drugs?



Not too mention during the columbine shooting, there was an ASSAULT RIFLE BAN.


Some folks want prescription drugs to be cheaper.

Some folks want prescription drugs to be expensive.



The problem seems to be antidepressant drugs. 


Gun laws: this recent shooter, we don't know how he got a gun. Let's assume he bought it legally. What law would have stopped short of confiscating all guns?


Folks on the left call for universal background checks. 


Trump in guns picture


https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chicago-mass-shootings-continue-lawndale-neighborhood-seven-dead-40-wounded-weekend/ 4 mass shootings


https://youtu.be/Gmwtgpq92qk 3:21 trump condemns but it doesn't stop MSM and the folks on the left from blaming him. 


This is not good. 


Dayton shooter a leftist. Do we blame democrats? No.


Archived Twitter feed 



Why is it that when a shooter shows an iota that he is on the right, we blame trump? Is it his rhetoric?


Why didn’t we blame Obama for the dallas shooting when he said



 “African Americans are 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over. 

After being pulled over, African Americans and Hispanics are three times more likely to be searched.

Last year African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites.

African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites; African Americans defendants are 75 percent more likely to be charged with offenses carrying mandatory minimums. They receive sentences that are almost ten percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.” 

Can we not agree that stating those facts would charge up a base who will take action?


I don’t blame him. 


How about the shooting in 2017 during a Congressional baseball game by a … excuse the pun, a die hard Bernie supporter?



Do we blame Bernie? I don’t


But when an idiot white supremacist shoots innocent people in a walmart, and in his manifesto says he has had the same political view for years before trump ws in office, why is trump to blame?


Why is it when we hear about a shooter with a leftist ideology, it's only on fox news or independent media that reports that? Or they'll say… motive unknown? 


Jimmy didn’t even hear about the bombings at an ice facility in tacoma. By a leftist. Instead the questions were asked “was he trying to free someone” 

Or when a journalist gets the shit beaten out of him at an antifa rally, “he shouldn’t have been there” 

Or when someone wears a trump hat and gets beat up, “he knows what he is doing when he wears that hat.”


Garlic fest shooter.



NDT lists some stats and gets shut down. Welcome to 2019.



From the Left Hash 38: And feeling great!

July 31st, 2019

On this weeks episode the guys talk about the recent MLB tradedeadline, NFL camp report dates and Michael Williams $100 million contract, wrapping everything up with some Surprise Surprise. This time we're talking about newest batch of millionaires that were made after the Fornite championship. All this and more on From the Left Hash sport, a member of the Emergency Exit Podcast network. 

Emergency Exit 114: Baltimore, shit hole country?

July 29th, 2019

Emergency Exit 113 10 Items or Less

July 23rd, 2019


Erica Thomas, a Georgia lawmaker was verbally assaulted by a short man for having twice as many items allowed in the 10 items or less lane at a Publix store.

Thomas claims the little man called her a "lazy son of a bitch" and she should "go back" to her country.


Thomas then backtracks that he said go back. 







Here is a raw video of sparkes being interviewed in front of the publix store one day later. 

Turns out, eric sparkes is a democrat and hates racism and especially trump by his own admission.

https://youtu.be/6TOsTHfKJHM admission is about 6 mins in.


I don't like either of these two. Sparkes is an asshole. Thomas is a lazy bitch. Both are democrats. Nuff said.



Trump the favorite to win. Are you willing to bet trump WON'T win 2020?



From the Left Hash 37: NBA trades, UFC knocks outs, and Home Run Derby

July 20th, 2019

On tonights show the uys talk Baseball, NBA trade, the fastest UFC knockout, and burgers? Tune in and get hungry! 

Emergency Exit 112 Equal Pay for…Men?

July 8th, 2019

112 July 8th





So, let's look at the numbers then…



To put it bluntly, female soccer players, just like female basketball players and female hockey players, are paid less because their respective sports make less. The total prize money for the Women’s World Cup in France this July was $30 million; the total prize money for the men’s 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be $440 million. 

Racist or not?

Over the weekend, a white man called the cops on an black man.


Click on username. "No 1 race baiter"?

What is tailgating regarding buildings? What was the conversation like? Would you be concerned if someone slipped in after you, especially if you don't know that person?

History: https://m.sfgate.com/crime/article/Slain-Berkeley-man-s-family-says-police-share-3480628.php#photo-2814820 

The two grown sons of Peter Cukor, 67, criticized the Police Department for failing to respond to their father's call for help about an intruder on his property, noting that he had called a number that police describe on their website as an emergency line. 

Package theft seems to be a big thing in SF


At what point exactly was this racist? 

Did cukor have a legit reason to be concerned? 

What are your thoughts?

Juxtaposed, this festival charging "NON POCs" twice the amount than POCs.


After (current)




From the Left Hash 36: London and the MLB, Womens Soccer, NBA, UFC 239 and more

July 3rd, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of From the Left Hash. We start the night with the Womens World Cup. Were you able to watch the game? Talk about high stakes! Moving on to MLB and the games being held in London. 


Make sure to stick around for our Surprise topic of the evening. Today we focused on our local community and talk about the homelessness problem in Austin. With the city council having passed some absurd regulations regarding homeless people, the struggle is not going anywhere any time soon. .


Closing the night off we go over UFC 239.

Emergency Exit 111 Open Borders and Trump and Kim’s Bromance

July 1st, 2019

Border talk.


Remember this? This was 5 months ago.


Supercut of MSM manufactured crisis 


What happened to the manufactured crisis?



This is good on the Democrats. But what took so long? Trump was saying this from day one. 


Remember when you, Jimmy blamed trump for closing down the government twice? 


So desperate is AOC that these pics made their rounds that proved to be staged.https://www-dailywire-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.dailywire.com/news/48825/staged-aoc-slammed-pushing-photos-herself-border-amanda-prestigiacomo?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&amp&usqp=mq331AQA#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailywire.com%2Fnews%2F48825%2Fstaged-aoc-slammed-pushing-photos-herself-border-amanda-prestigiacomo 


Not too mention, trump administration non profit bought $200,000 in beds and such. Which Chapeté encouraged wayfair (the manufacturer)  to go on strike because of the conditions of the camps.



There's this "concentration camp" but they are running with… like the holocaust or the Japanese internment camps?


Look at this logic. Jews were forced into camps. Period.. 

How is that remotely similar to what's happening now? 



Don't take my word for it 

"The people on the border aren’t forced to be there — they go there on their own will. If someone doesn’t know the difference, either they’re playing stupid or they just don’t care.”

I think you don't really care jimmy.

I don't agree with someone in the trump administration saying they didn't need toothbrushes and shit. But when they say they don't have proper this and that and then fight against the proposed solution, who's fault is it really?


How is it trump's fault kids are in cages? It was happening long before he got there. https://apnews.com/a98f26f7c9424b44b7fa927ea1acd4d4


So what's your solution? 

Open the borders? Yeah, no.

Make crossing the border a civil offense? I see nothing but problems, mostly it is essentially opening the borders to whoever wants to come.


My solution is simple. Close the border off. Deport immigrants that have committed crimes, other than crossing the border, and provide a path to citizenship. But it is essential to first close off the border.


Then once we have shit under control, reopen it. Can it be that simple? What do you think?

Trump and kim.




Trump panders to Kim. But what can you do? Go in and attack and kill him? 

Democrats constantly pander to their base. (Free Healthcare for illegal immigrants, advocating reparations, lowering the voting age, eliminating the electoral college, etc…)

So trump panders to Kim in hope to guide some diplomatic denuclearization. 

These silly remarks that he is best buds with Kim are so stupid and hold no water. 

Remember him calling Kim "little rocketman"?


Should we do what Obama did with Iran and give them 150 billions of dollars? 

What should trump do? Piss off someone who has nuclear bombs? 


What do we do? I think Kim wants to join the world, should we let him? Can we trust him?


So I ask you Jimmy, what would you do to denuclearize NK? 

Andy Ngo, journalist, attacked by the domestic terrorist group antifa. Thank God even Brian setzer from CNN can admit that this shouldn't happen. Yet doesn't condemn the terrorist group.


From the Left Hash 35: NBA, College WS, Womens soccer, and Aliens

June 27th, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of From the Left Hash. This is episode 35. We've got the usual people, JJ, Mouth from the South Ernest, producer Brandon "The Hard Hat' Mitchell. Daryl is out on a scouting assignment, in his place is long time listener, first timer in studio, Eric ( Last name redacted to to protect the innocent). 

On tonight's show we got alot packed in. Starting off with the college World Series. How bout them Vanderbilties?! The guys recap the game and drool over the pitcher who is rumored to come back to college next year and not go pro. 

What did you think of the Women's World Cup game: US v. Spain? It may have come down to penalty kicks but was it ever exciting! 

Baker Mayfield is in the Austin area giving a football camp, and is apparently talking smack about the University of Texas. People are evening saying he is teaching the kids in camp how to properly do the hook 'em horns upside down. 

If you had to pick your QB for the next 10 years, who would it be and why. Let us know on our facebook page. 

Yankee set a record wit h28 straight games with a HR hit. This doesnt happen very often and is kind of a big deal. 



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From the Left Hash sports 34: Masters of golf, Big Pappi cover up, and NBA championship

June 19th, 2019

Starting off the show we got JJ, Ernest, Daryl, and Brandon "The Hard Hat" Mitchell working on the live production. Right off the bat is Gary Woodland and his Master win on Fathers Day weekend, what a great story behind that win. 


Remember that time Big Pappi got shot in DR? Well, as it turns out the government is saying that Pappi WASNT the target of the hit. The guys have some serious doubts about that. 


JJ thinks the Lakers will win big next season, hear more about this when the guys discuss the NBA championships and the Toronto Raptors. 

We've got a flamingly hot topic to discuss for surprise surprise, can you guess what it could be? 

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Emergency Exit Podcast 110: Putin, Trump, lunch debts and gay jokes

June 18th, 2019

Carlos has a moral dilemma and needs your help, get at him @thatsrightlos on twitter. Jimmy has conflicting taste with the Brew World Order: Independence Brewing "Cowboys from Helles" Is it sweet? Its it sour? @jimmypreston and let him know. 


Moving on to the main show: Are gay jokes ok? What do you think of the guy getting Trump with a cock in his mouth tattooed on his leg? Is that homophobic?


Jimmy has some strong words about people being assholes. 





 List of links from the show: 






















From the Left Hash 33: Carlos get over the fence!

June 11th, 2019

We got the latest in sports news. Big Papi getting shot, NBA injuries, we re-live the internet video of Carlos trying to jump over a fence, some UFC talk and a pre-teaser of NFL fantasy football. 


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Emergency Exit Podcast 109: Twitter fights, happy birthdays, and McDonalds

June 10th, 2019

In tonights episode, Jimmy "Orange Man Bad" Preston challenges Alex Jones to a fight a la Justin Bieber/Tom Cruise. 


Bringing in our Brew World Order is none other than Karbach Brewing Co. Love Street. This beer is a staple in the KBRAN studio as well as the Hard Hat household. 


Moving on to the news, Jimmy takes the reigns and takes us down a wild path of stories, one of which involes a Russian ship almost colliding with an American ship, plus more. 


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From the Left Hash 32: Softballs to the face, Boxer’s shorts, & AI

June 5th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, JJ, Ernest, and Daryl discuss what getting hit in the face with a softball feels like. Ironicly they're not soft. E asks the important question of what do boxers wear, briefs or boxers? Then moving on to our random Surprise topic the guys give their thoughts on AI and its future, Teslas, ghosts and the paranormal. 



Emergency Exit 108

June 3rd, 2019

From the Left Hash podcast 31

May 22nd, 2019

Today on the show we talk less sports and are a bit more off topic in this loosely held together thing we call a podcast. Producer Brandon "The Hard Hat" Mitchell brings us the surprise surprise topic that involves aliens and maybe even an anal probe. 


JJ, Ernest, and Daryl recap the final episode of Game of Thrones. Some liked it, some weren't impressed. Tune in to find out. 


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From the Left Hash sports 30

May 12th, 2019

IN this episode of From the Left Hash, JJ, Ernest, & Daryl gather around the mics to discuss this week in sports and mostly get side tracked into gaming/Game of Thrones. 

From the Left Hash 29: Base & Basketball, Box office blockbusters, & GOT

May 2nd, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash JJ, Ernest, and producer Brandon talk baseball and basketball, but the conversation really gets going when JJ and E get going on the Most recent box office blockbuster Avengers Endgame, and the sea. 8 ep. 3 of Game of Thrones. CONSIDER THIS YOUR SPOILER WARNING!




From the Left Hash sports Episode: 28

April 24th, 2019

NBA play-offs, NFL draft, lots of Game of Thrones, some hockey. JJ, Ernest, & Daryl talk sports and who knows what else in this installment of From the Left Hash Sports. 




This Is What Democracy Looks Like w/ David and Los

April 22nd, 2019


AOChapetě has a message from the future to pat herself on the back.



Seems that some people did something terrible over the weekend

Sri Lanka Bombings over the weekend.


“The death toll in Sri Lanka has soared to 290 after a wave of blasts hit churches and luxury hotels across the country on Sunday. Police said 24 people had been arrested, but it is not yet known who carried out the attacks. About 500 people are injured and at least 35 foreigners are among the dead”



Not one word from AOChapete.

But plenty to say about Christchurch



Hillary’s tweet about Sri Lanka


Hillary’s tweet about Christchurch



Easter worshippers?

Is it that hard to say Christians?

We don't call Muslims “5 times a day prayers”



It’s weird how when this happens to Christians and folks on the left either say nothing about condemning islamic extremists or nothing at all.

But the hypocrisy is  they have no problem condemning “White Supremacy”.




So we don’t charge Soros for being an accessory for rounding up jews?






Finally someone at CNN isn’t continuing this nonsense


Militant border patrol citizens accused of “kidnapping”


"We cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum," the ACLU of New Mexico said in a letter to state authorities last week. "We urge you to immediately investigate this atrocious and unlawful conduct."

From the Left Hash 27: Bat flip do’s & Don’ts, Tiger Woods, and GoT

April 18th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, your hosts guide you through the previous week in sports and give you some insight on what is to come in the following weeks of the sports world.


Starting off with baseball JJ talks about the possibility of the World Series hangover being a real thing. Ernest contributes immensely to this segment, be sure to check it out.


E and JJ get into the dos and mostly donts of bat flipping in MLB and its equivalent in rec league softball.


Moving into the big sports news of the past week, Tiger Woods and his Masters win. E breaks down the Nike commercial that aired just following his win and details the emotions it makes him feel.


The guys get into some DC v. Marvel and why one is better/worse than the other; JJ makes this very clear.


And closing everything out, WINTER HAS COME! That's Right, the gang gets into some Game of Thrones talk. If you are not up to date, Season 8, episode 1, be sure to skip the last 20 minutes of the show. Spoiler warnings are given.


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Emergency Exit 107 This is what Democracy Looks Like

April 15th, 2019

“The Holy Hispanic” David Aguilar @Austintatious_512


Jussie Smollett Costume



AOC “Code Switching” by michael Knowles

Immigration: Trumps comments on MS13 came back and “Dumping” illegals in sanctuary cities

Bernie: Bernie wrote a book. And wants felons to vote… from jail

Beto: No one cares bro.






Cory Booker




From the Left Hash 26: Where’d you get 8 from?

April 12th, 2019

Sports, sports, some interesting math, live listener interaction, & some Game of Thrones talk. 



From the Left Hash sports ep: 25

April 6th, 2019

On this special episode of From the Left Hash, they guys are LIVE on youtube. After some technical difficulties get sorted out they get off to a great start in debating whether or not disc golf is a sport after E is late due to a long round of disc.

JJ isnt happy about his team, the Red Sox having an 11 game road trip to kick off the season.

Somewhere the show shifts entirely to a Game of Thrones fanboy talk hour, see where you can spot the transition.


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Emergency Exit 106 Tacos, Jussie Update, and Trans Flag

April 1st, 2019

That’s Right!

This is what it sounds like when worlds collide.

To find common ground and break the divide

Lets take a quick look at what students think of socialism… with their GPAs



jussie smollett charges dropped…

What happened?


Mark garagos (his lawyer) talks about possible motives regarding the brothers.

"RD 190 - A Deep Dive On Jussie Smollett" http://traffic.libsyn.com/carollareasonabledoubt/RD_190_84uv.mp3

37:00 perhaps one of the brothers was a scorned lover?

39:50 “no idea” about Obama's influence with Kim Foxx.



Chris rock mocks jussie during NAACP awards


Federal charges still happening?


Uncle Joe is a lil too touchy feely?


(Jimmy read the good part with sexy music)

Interracial relationships.

Tim Pool tweet:






What are your thoughts on this tweet?


POW MIA flag ditched for a tranny flag.

From the Left Hash 24: Dell match play, CTE in the UFC, and the start of baseball

March 27th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, JJ, Daryl, and Ernest are coming at you first and foremost with the Dell match play going on here in the great city of Austin, Texas. JJ managed to score some tickets from Mark Walburg himself via AquaHydrate and chronicles his adventures from getting close to Tiger, to over hearing some old woman pestering a player, and the size of the crowds.


Moving on to the UFC, CTE is the highlight of the night with the restraining order put against Tony Ferguson after reports of her waking up to him standing over her claiming she is a witch and trying to process him. How do the pay rates of UFC fighters, boxers, NFL, and MLB players? How and why does baseball players get paid more than any other athlete, aside from Floyd Mayweather.


With the start of baseball season the guys make their predictions for the divisions winners and the wildcards.


Daryl tells a joke that doesnt land, and he finally gets around to watching Netflix's' “Making a Murder” and the guys talk bout his unique experience with the highs and lows that come with the show.


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Emergency Exit 105 No Collusion, Beto Sucks at Skateboarding, and Alex Jones

March 25th, 2019

On this jammed packed episode, we read the nitty gritty of AG Barr's summary of the Mueller Investigation into russia collusion. By the By, there wasn't any.

We show video of Robert O'Rourke (BETO) falling on his face as he attempts a kickflip.

Alex Jones gets harassed at a chicken joint here in austin and we discuss how nutty people are about him.

Collusion supercut


Russia Russia Russia super cuts



What does the summary say? https://www.scribd.com/document/402973432/AG-March-24-2019-Letter-to-House-and-Senate-Judiciary-Committees#from_embed


https://youtu.be/rd-O8_ocE3U beto can't skate. Lol

https://youtu.be/wDYNVH0U3cs Muller report is out and guess what? Here is the reaction from the left.



From the Left Hash: 23

March 20th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, your host JJ, and his trusty side-kick, Ernest, and producers Brandon “The Hard Hat” Mitchell from the Emergency Exit Podcast sits in and fights the urge to derail every talking point blah blah blah. If anyone reads this send us a message on our facebook page for a chance to win an exclusive From the Left Hash t-shirt. Entries will be entered into a drawing and selected at random one week after the original air-date.


First off, the guys jump into baseball and the signing of Mike Trout and his 12-year/$430 million contract signing to the LA Angels and it leads to a “what would be the first thing you would buy?” round table talk.


Making their way into the surprise surprise segment, the topic is gaming. Fornite tournaments, universities offering “gaming degrees” and playing games against other schools, and much more.


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From the Left Hash 22: NFL Free agency, golf talk, and Michael Jackson

March 14th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, we cover the very busy first 24 hours of NFL free agency. So many trades to cover, so much controversy. We cover the big and small trades. But first we open up with golf news. With the Masters creeping up, will Tiger make an appearance. All sources seem to think so, even Daryl has confirmed Tiger is still listed in his fantasy draft, Daryl also gives us his picks, so if you're a Draft Kings kind of guy, plan your line-ups accordingly. The guys also have their surprise surprise segment, where guess what, its a SURPRISE! 


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Emergency Exit 104 Charlie Mason Plays Idiot or Idiom

March 11th, 2019

The great and wonderful Mr. Awesome, Charlie Mason joins us to talk about his music and offensive music. He also goes up against Jimmy in a classic round of "Idiot or Idiom" for the GOLDEN JAZZMASTER!



From the Left Hash 21: Paydays, liars, and combines

March 7th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, JJ makes a special shout out to loved ones passed with our 21st episode. Brandon “The Hard Hat” Mitchell joins the guys again on the mics and tries not to derail too much. Be sure to check out his other show, Emergency Exit Podcast, episode 103: A MOMO C. (hyperlink to episode)


Opening tonight's show JJ and Daryl start with UFC 235 and the “choke-out controversy”.


Bryce Harper gets PAID! If you don't know by now hes going to the Phillies and he wants to bring a championship back to Philadelphia.


Moving on to Texas Baseball. Texas, as in University of Texas that is. How bout that sweep on number 1 LSU.


NFL combine talking points. Good parts, many offensive linemen running faster than Ernest.

Why does the NFL put so much emphasis on an athlete's 40 speed?


JJ brings the surprise topic to breakaway from the sports talk, the topic of discussion is Jussie Smollet.


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Emergency Exit 103 A MOMO C

March 4th, 2019

This week week talk to donald trump and michael cohen. We discuss MOMO and the stunning similarity to AOC.

From the Left Hash 20: Robots & Baseball, Jones ‘n Drugs, and pleasant surprises

February 26th, 2019

On this episode of From the Left Hash, JJ, Daryl, and sitting in for E is none other than producer, Brandon. Tonight we get into some UT softball and baseball. JJ talks about the joy he gets out of coaching his kids' softball team.

Did you see Doc Rivers make a tribute to one of the best, Dirk Nowitzki in his final season.

Should baseball umpires be replaced by robots? Let us know your thoughts on our facebook page.

Big fights this weekend in the UFC.

And be sure to check out the Surprise topic where we go off the rails in this random discussion segment.

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Emergency Exit 102 Left’s Way or the Highway

February 25th, 2019




Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.

Until then, we’re in charge - and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.


Wow, isn’t she supposed to be the voice those who can only afford cheap seats? This is looking tyrannical everyday. That’s the left’s mentality, their way or the highway. If you disagree, then fuck you. No debate, just fuck you.   


Sen. Dianne Feinstein is under fire after video shows her arguing with children who visited her office in hopes of swaying her vote on climate change legislation.


"You know what's interesting about this group? I've been doing this for 30 years. I know what I'm doing. You come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don't respond to that."




https://amp-usatoday-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2968872002?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.usatoday.com%2Fstory%2Fnews%2Fnation%2F2019%2F02%2F24%2Fmilitary-draft-judge-rules-male-only-registration-unconstitutional%2F2968872002%2F A step towards equality.



UCLA Students Support Concentration Camps for Trump Supporters



MONSANTO IN THE NEWS AGAIN… A new round of lawsuits to come…



Couple caught having sex in cop car.

From the Left Hash 19: Show me the money

February 20th, 2019

In this episode of the From the Left Hash, the guys discuss baseball and for that matter, sports and money. Do you think professional athletes are getting paid too much? Sure, its a fraction compared to what the club/owners are making.


Stick around for the Surprise topic segment. Social media and where is it taking us, and do we even want to be on that ride? 


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Emergency Exit 101 Hate Hoax

February 18th, 2019

on this episode, we talk about an alleged hate hoax by empire star Jessie Smollett.

We ask why someone would lie?

Should he be accountable if lying?

and is subway really that good?


From the Left Hash ep. 18

February 16th, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of From the Left Hash, where your host JJ Torres along with Daryl and Ernest, talk sports and talk crap. Be sure to listen to the Surprise Surprise segment, when we go off the rails and discuss anything, even if its not sports related. 


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Emergency Exit 100 Virgina loves Blackface

February 11th, 2019

On todays pod... 

We talk about the outlash of haters of black face. understandably it's not cool. Ralph Northam did it once or twice, but should he lose his job over it?


From the Left Hash - 17- VY DWI, baseball, sharing food with kids, and more

February 8th, 2019

Welcome back to From the Left Hash.

Vince Young, local Austin hero gets his second DWI. Should baseball change rules to include DH's in both leagues?

What happens when you share a drink or Taquis with your kids? Find this out and more in our Surprise Surprise segment, where we drop the sports talk to swap stories and experiences, explore pop culture, or make fart jokes.

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Death & the Doctor - Ruben’s Remembrance

February 6th, 2019

Death and the Doctor follows Jen Finelli, M.D. through the losses and near misses that nearly killed her during her first few years of medical practice. Along the way, she exposes the oily gears of a medical education system finely tuned to produce emotionally damaged doctors. Join her and ask: When did "clinical" become a synonym for "unfeeling'? How many deaths would it take you to stop caring about life--and how do you live if you cant stop?

From the Left Hash 16 - Sports, DMT, and the Superbowl

January 31st, 2019

Coming in hot with a new episode of From the Left Hash, your host, JJ Torres is joined by no other than the Mouth from the South Ernest, and making his presence known, producer Brandon Mitchell. You may know him from such shows as The Emergency Exit podcast, From the Left Hash, and Death & the Doctor: The Art of Killing a Physician Slowly. Daryl is out on assignment for this episode. 


Sports, sports, sports, DMT talk with some alien/higher lifeform talk and somehow transitioning into time travel capabilities, along with more sports, then the Super Bowl. 



Emergency Exit 99 Los Gets DOXXED

January 28th, 2019

On this episode of EmEx, We discuss the government shut down again. We bring up the Catholic school kid and Joy Behar slips about being desperate.

Most importantly, we show you a video about our time at a anti white people march and the thorough DOXXING they gave Los for having a different opinion.



From the Left Hash: Episode 15

January 23rd, 2019


Welcome back to another episode of From the Left Hash. NFL playoffs, UFC232, and the newest class of the baseball hall of fame. Of course we've got a great “Surprise Surprise segment in store.


Join your host, JJ Torres, along with his boy, Daryl, and none other than “Mouth from the South” Ernest as they talk some sports and a lot of shit.



Death & the Doctor: Failed Suicides

January 23rd, 2019

Death and the Doctor follows Jen Finelli, M.D. through the losses and near misses that nearly killed her during her first few years of medical practice. Along the way, she exposes the oily gears of a medical education system finely tuned to produce emotionally damaged doctors. Join her and ask: When did "clinical" become a synonym for "unfeeling'? How many deaths would it take you to stop caring about life--and how do you live if you cant stop?

From the Left Hash: Episode 14

January 17th, 2019

Thanks for listneing to another episode of From the Left Hash, this is episode 14, and guesting staring in the line up today is none other than Mr North shore. Taking you through this laugh packed episode is JJ Torres, Daryl, and Mouth from the South E.


Play offs are another round deeper and one round closer to the big game. We've got no shortage on UFC talk. Should Greg Hardy be allowed in the UFC, JJ & E really have it out over this idea.


The guys manage to sneak in some Game of Thrones talk. What will the next season hold? What questions will it answer, what questions will it raise? The guys give some thoughts on their predictions.


Closing things out we cover the upcoming NFL playoff games.


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Emergency Exit 98 Trump Derangement Syndrome

January 14th, 2019

We are back!  This week Los asks again, "Why do people hate Trump?'' 

Jimmy and Los go at it and high five afterwards.

Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a neologism describing a reaction to United States President Donald Trump by liberals, progressives, and Never Trumpneoconservatives, who are said to respond to Trump's statements and political actions irrationally and with little regard to Trump's actual position or action taken.


LOSpeaks 11 Jim Acosta Proves The Wall Works

January 10th, 2019

In a stunning tweet by the CNN white house correspondent Jim Acosta, Jim goes to a section of the border wall to prove there is no crisis. But come to find out, he only proved that walls do work. Thanks JIM!


Twitter @ThatsRightLOS