Welcome to the Floating Tin Can. FAR ABOVE THE WORLD.


In this episode Carlos and David welcome back special guest Brian Staveley of "Dose of Reality" on youtube

They discuss covid, is it a hoax? Somehow we get on the topic of flat Earth, which was fun. 


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In this episode the gang rewatches the Avengers (2012) and discusses its rewatch ability.

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An anti mask Republican died of covid, are you sad or glad?


Dr. Fauco Marx admits that protests spread the virus.. but he will not recommend that it stop, but God forbid you want to send your kid to school.


Later Will trump go after the Clintons if reelected? The holy Hispanic has the info.


Finally, we will talk about mail in voting.


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In this episode, the gang watches and reviews the film Atomic Blonde produced in 2017.

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On this weeks show, Carlos takes over as David is on special assignment in Colorado; we'll hear more from him next week.


With a load of doctors touting different things, who are you going to believe, the doctor who intentionally lied and gaslighted us or a bunch of doctors touting Hydroxychloroquine? 


Later, what emojis are you appropriating? We will look at digital black face.


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Today Nick, Carlos, and Brandon discuss the movie, Army of Darkness (1992).

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A black Lives Matter ™ Mural is scrubbed when someone requests a MAGA mural to be painted nearby.

Later, In a Houston drive through, you can now order some g string with a side of tittes.


Also, Dr. Fauci finally admits to lying about masks. We have the tape.


And finally Trader Joe’s line of Mexican cuisine is canceled due to racism.


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In this episode the guys rewatch Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). It ends up being mostly a quote-a-long, which is always fun.

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Nick Cannon says something truly amazing and insightful thus resulting in his canceling. Meanwhile People throw away their cans of chickpeas in the garbage because trump hates Latinos. 

Later, AOC says crime is up because folks need bread and she couldn’t be more right.

And finally, Kanye drops outta the presidential race.


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In this episode the guys rewatch American Sniper, the Chris Kyle story.

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Tonight, Carlos and David are joined by Ricardo, of the Who's On Call podcast. Rick brought us some beer for the Brew World Order from Whitestone Brewery. 

They discuss tacos, go down memory lane with the show Battledome, and much more.

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Join Carlos and David as they discuss and debate the latest in news and politics from a Libertarian stance while taking your calls live. 

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On todays rewatch, the guys sit down and discuss the film, American Psycho, staring Christian Bale.

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Carlos and David welcome back caller Rob and he lets us know how to properly season a pan. We go over some of the underhand pre-approved questions Biden gets asked, fake face mask exemption cards, and more.


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This week the boys watch James Cameron's Aliens from 1986. It is the first sequel in the party. What rewatch rating will this movie get this week? 

Email the guys:

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Nick, Carlos, and Brandon sit down to discuss the 1979 Ridley Scott movie, Alien. The first in a long franchise of movies.

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Carlos and David discuss how powerful and out of control police unions have become and the lengths they will go to defend the worst of police officers. The guys also take a few phone calls, and everyone's favorite: the Brew World Order.

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In this episode the 2 of the 3 guys rewatched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective(1994), 1 watched it for the first time.

Give us a listen and feel free to share your memories of this movie to our twitter page.


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Tonight Carlos and David are joined by Retired police officer Dennis Farris to help explain what defunding police departments would look like. From where the money will go, what some of the consequences could be and much more.

We're live every Wednesday at 10pm CST. Come join us.

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Nick, Carlos, and Brandon sit down to discuss this terrifically terrible movie starting Jesse Ventura, in a role where he must save the universe by protecting the Anti-Life equation from his enemy.

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David and Carlos are again joined by Mackenzie Kelly. She is running for City Council district 6 and wishes to rid local government of corrupt spending, aiding the homeless, supporting the police force and more. You can find more information about her campaign:

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Nick, Carlos, and Brandon discuss and breakdown the highs and lows in this action packed movie then give it a score based on its rewatchability.

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Tonight Carlos and David are joined by comedian, critical thinker, and creator of The Proud Atheist, Brian Govatos.

Brian joins us today with the goal of teaching us, and hopefully you, just how to have difficult, emotion charged conversations with your loved ones; specifically politics. Having these talks with people can be a difficult task without losing ones cool. He's here to show us how to make that happen.


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Welcome to the new podcast hosted by Nick, Los, and Brandon. 

Our mission is to go through Nick's DVD collection A-Z and each week bring you the silly trivia, continuity issues, drama, and overall rewatch-ability. Not all of Nick's DVD will be gems.

This week we start from the numbers... 40 Year Old Virgin starring Steve Carrell

from piss boners to the age of Aquarius, we analyze everything we liked and hate from this movie.   


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On this episode of Emergency Exit, Los talks about a sex dream with AOC, we find out David can open bottles with his teeth, and the BIG question, how does Trump wipe his ass?

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Today on the program: Did Obama have direct knowledge of the meeting that set up Michael Flynn, Rand Paul calls out old, sleepy Joe, Howard Stern hates you for voting for Trump & we show you some more fake news. 

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On today's show, two California doctors speak out against staying at home. We look at Joe Biden's biggest fans and the hypocrisy that some folks just dont want to see. Also, did President Trump really tell people that injecting disinfectant may be a good idea? Finally, Texas opens back up, well sorta. 


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This week on Emergency Exit, Carlos is joined by The Holy Hispanic, David. Hos videos/channel can be found in the links below. 


Carlos and David talk about this past weeks politics with a slightly comedic and less political correctness tone. 


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On this episode of Emergency Exit we listen to our fan voice mailbox. Someone called in and left a string of voice mails, mostly directed at former co-host, Jimmy. Be sure to listen to find out more. 

We talk about how scary people are getting with the COVID virus. In some areas you can get pulled off of a city bus for not wearing a face mask. How would you react in that situation. Be sure to watch the video feed and let us know in the comments. 

And we get to the bottom of the COVID virus and why we are being subjected to it. According to Jane Woodall, humans are experiencing this outbreak due to a lack of respect for animals/mother nature. 


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March 17, 2020

From the Left Hash: 64

JJ and Ernest are joined by our sister show host, Carlos, from the Emergency Exit podcast towards the end. With COVID-19 going on the future of sports is looking grim. Is this were E-sports are going to get a jump in popularity? Be sure to let us know on our facebook page. And since you'll already be there, let us know what things you have found to replace your beloved sports.

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Tonight Carlos and Jimmy take a little bit of a break in an attempt to ease everyone's paranoia concerning the COVID-19 virus by watching some videos, mostly cringe stuff, they take some calls, and Jimmy gives a 40 Days of Tacos update.

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Join JJ and Ernest as they dive into the world of sports by talking this weeks NFL/Tom Brady, boxing, UFC 248, Texas Longhorn baseball/softball and much more. 


Follow us on facebook at:

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February 25, 2020

From the Left Hash ep. 62

JJ & Ernest talk sports, give it a listen.

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JJ, Ernest, & Erik sit down and talk about the MLB scandal involving the Houston Astros and cheating as more information comes out. The guys talk about how much they like the XFL without actually watching any of it and of course we can't forget the Surprise segment.

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On this episode of From the Left Hash JJ & Ernest recap the Super Bowl and its commercials.

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January 27, 2020

From the Left Hash 59

Big happenings in sports this week. Tune in to catch JJ & Ernest breakdown this week and look forward to the big football game.

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Tonight Carlos and Jimmy talk about the latest impeachment news. If you're tired of all the impeachment talk feel free to skip a head to the latter half and watch some funny videos and everyone's new favorite game, Don't be an asshole.

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Today Jj and Ernest go heavy on the NFL playoffs in preparation for the Big Game! The bowl of super importance pertaining to the sport of football. 


JJ goes golfing and Ernest forgets how to count weeks.

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This week Carlos and Jimmy are in a larger, more roomer studio, Brandon is locked away in a control room. New studio, new day, same goal: finding common ground and breaking the divide.

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On this weeks show, JJ and Ernest start off with some jewelry talk inspired by E's banging watch. The guys discuss the latest firing of the Astros coaching staff and what their future looks like. Moving on to the NFL playoffs, even some of the college national championship updates make it into the show, and can you guess our weight?

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This week JJ, Ernest, and Eric sit down and talk the the upcoming NFL playoffs and where they stand with their teams, as always JJ brings us the surprise surprise topic.

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In this very special episode of Emergency Exit, producer Brandon is sitting in for both Carlos and Jimmy as the are headed home for Christmas, or is it for the holidays? That's what Brandon wants to figure out, is the phrase Merry Christmas decreasing in use and a few other Christmas topics. 

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December 12, 2019

From the Left Hash 54

Join JJ and E as the talk sports, sports, and more sports. 

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JJ, Ernest, and Eric talk this week in sports plus the guys talk about their cornhole experience.

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Things get heated during NFL talk; JJ wants to know why everyone always bring up the Cowboys? JJ also drops some numbers on everyone proving that numbers don't really mean anything when talking about the "better" of two athletes. 

College football, MLB talk, and surprise surprise. 

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Nov 18th 2019

It is again 10pm on channel 10 in our floating tin can.

I am Los.

Jimmy “If trump grows a beard, I’ll shave” Preston

Brandon the hard hat Mitchell




I doubt very many people actually watched the hearings live. Instead most opted to watch their favorite commentators and the clips they chose to show.  I'm no exception. Both sides of the debate seem to think they’re right. But it's clear to me that the "witnesses" were not that one iota. This whole thing is a democratic drama that will further prove how divided this nation is.

Impeachment Polls:


Impeachment hearing highlights 

  • Day 1: George Kent: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and William Taylor: the acting United States ambassador to Ukraine    dvLUxyM (Not one of them was present during the “phone call” in question. Neither of them has even spoken to Trump.
  • Day 2: Maria Yovonivich: Former Ambassador to ukraine. Fired in may ‘19. Has no direct knowledge of phone call

Schiff is losing it. He is UNABLE to provide a fair hearing and is hungry with power. How do I know this? He claimed to have AMPLE evidence of trump collusion with Russia.

Turned out there was no COLLUSION. SO SAYITH MUELLER.

Jimmy was convinced (quick Clip from oct 2018)

Then was caught being pranked by a Russian Morning Radio Show who claimed to have nude photos of him. Why would he want this exactly?)

We obtained exclusive footage of Schiff at home caught on hidden camera.

How can someone this out to get someone as Schiff is for trump, be impartial and run a fair hearing?


Let me ask you out there… Do you think that these hearings will change ANYONE’s mind? 


This whole “Impeach Trump” thing started about 20 min into his presidency. However once the whistleblower came out, it was “officially” started. So the only one we need to hear from is the “Whistleblower’’. 

Shouldn’t the whistleblower testify? 


WTF is going on at popeyes? 

I'm pretty sure popeyes has added crack or the very least bath salts to their new sandwich

Have you had Popeyes before? 

Is it really so good as to publically freakout?

r/PublicFreakout TIME!

Kid thrown from busdriver

Flop of the year

Is it just me, or is there an uptick in fast food violence lately?

Stop this ride right now!

More scared cop action

She wants cock… is that so bad?

Lt. Dan’s still got it

Fake or not fake?

Very articulate arrest

Guy falls

This might be the worst way to lose a fight

Stole my weed

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November 13, 2019

From the Left Hash 51

Join hosts JJ and Ernest as they discuss this week in sports and pop culture. 

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Today JJ, Ernest, & Eric think LeBron James should just shave his head. 

World series recap and why the Astros lost. 

Ernest loses faith in the Texas Longhorns football program. 

Is Baker Mayfield the worst? Answer: Yes


And everyone's favorite surprise topic. Tune in to find out. 


Be sure to follow From the Left Hash on facebook to stay informed of all sports happenings in the world of sports. 

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November 6, 2019

Emergency Exit 128

Carlos and Jimmy sit down to discuss the weeks' happenings in news & politics. Will they find common ground and bridge the divide in such trying times we're living in? Tune in to find out! 


Be sure to follow Emergency Exit Podcast on facebook and join our super secret facebook group and get special access to content and suggest news you'd like to hear the guys talk about. 

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Break video:


Jimmy topics:

New show



A group of people wearing red hats with white lettering booing and chanting “lock him up” at an immigrant woman at a baseball game.  Those damn maga wearing bags of dicks. 

alternate view: Video of booing:

Trump mortified they booed melania


Is Trump the new Jessie Smallet

Trump made the order to kill ISIS leader Abu what's-his-face the terrorist. 

Somehow his critics didn’t like that i guess. 

Here’s trump’s statement count how many times he said I or ME 

That’s obama, oops Here’s trump 


Washington Post (owned by the richest man in the universe) put out an article and instead of saying he was a mass murder and terrorist, the said ol’ abu What’s-HIS-face was a “Religous Scholar” 

Of course, they corrected their statement. But not before the internet stepped in to take advantage of a wonderful reveal of their bias that shined through their tough outer shell.

#WaPoDEATHnotices was born 


Congress Katie hill weird shit. 

Trolling at its finest.

Todos Con Biden: Biden’s campaign aims at latinos 

Biden campaign forgot to but the URL. Trump’s campaign buys up the URL.  

YG invites a fan on stage and kicks him off because we live in Clown world.  

Trans news

Rachel Mckinnon won another world championship


Is there a biological advantage that men have in strength and over all quickness than women?

Should there be a different category for trans folk? 

I think if we allow trans folks into alternate categories, they cannot have gone through puberty of the opposite sex they claim that their not.

You can't go 30 years living as a man and then trans to a woman and not expect you've already developed as a man, with all that comes with that. Clearly there’s a reason why most sports are sex segregated. It isn’t fair to women who have not had the advatage of naturally occuring testorone secrete from their nutsacks. You get what i mean.

Funny videos

Hookers get rocked`m/r/PublicFreakout/comments/dm98u6/when_you_want_your_money_back_from_the_hookers_in/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share 

Public Freakouts!

Girl hit and runs


Anchor vs reporter 


Access Denied.


This maybe too much for jimmy to handle.

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