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January 7, 2019

LOSpeaks 10 Chuck Norris wants the Border Wall

Andrew and Brandon join me to chat about supporting and not supporting a border wall. We also talk about a FB post where I was hated on just for my support of that wall. Chuck Norris weighs in on the wall.

Here's my FB post...

Before I rant, I am a son of an immigrant mother who came to America with next to nothing and made something of herself. She did it the legal way.

My mother supports a physical barrier at the border. But why?

I ask you...

If just one undocumented immigrant (illegal alien) commits a heinous crime, for instance the murder or rape of someone (your mother, father, brother, sister, any legal or not legal citizens) on American soil, isn't that more than enough evidence for you to support a physical barrier at the border?


We have nearly 60,000 UI in the federal prison system. Most of those are NOT overstayed visas (at least those folks are somewhat vetted), we're talking about unvetted people who crossed over illegally.

According to DHS, between 2011 and 2018, 238 UI were convicted of homicide in Texas alone. And nearly 3000 were convicted of a sexual assault/offense.
I read this and I hurt. This is something we can prevent.

Walls work, that's why we use them literally EVERYWHERE we need security.

This isn't about racism.

Just ONE american family losing a member due to murder committed by someone who wasn't even supposed to be here and or wasn't properly vetted through the migration process is enough for me.

I mean, imagine if the next school shooter is an illegal immigrant. Let's nip that in the bud before it happens.

BTW trump never said Mexico was going to PRE PAY for the wall...


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