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April 18, 2018

Los Peaks 1 Starbucks Controversy

Los Peaks is a dive into what Los thinks about things going on in the world that bothers him. Opinions are your own and this is his, whether it's wrong to you or right. If you agree with Los or not, throw in your question or opinion and let’s get some REAL dialogue flowing.


Episode 1 Starbucks Controversy

In episode One Los introduces his new solo podcast Los Peaks. What Peaks his interests today is the Starbucks Controversy. 2 Men essentially arrested for being black. Was it racism at it’s core? Los does not think so. Your Thoughts?

Pencil Sharpeners being banned in an Elementary School because 7 kids thought it would be awesome to cut their wrists with the little blade. What’s next on the ban list? Your opinion?

Immigration is brought up briefly. Do you think he was right to say living in America without obtaining proper citizenship is a bad way to live?  

Los brings up how children are being fed meth and it is ruining their underdeveloped brain. Is this something you agree with?

Lots more questions can be asked, so send me yours. Go to with the subject line: LOS peaks.

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