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May 8, 2018

Hard Hats Knowledge Corner: YKK on yo’ zippa!

Hey, what are you doing right now? Actually, more like, what are you wearing right now?


Does it have a zipper?


Look at it, does it say “YKK”?


There's a good chance it does. Hey there, Im the hard hat from the emergency exit podcast. Thank you for joining me in episode 1 of Hard Hats Knowledge corner. My first knowledge point may not save your life someday, but it may have a good chance at winning you trivia night, so trivia goers, volume up!


YKK is the manufacturing mark of  Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, now you know why they only put YKK on the zipper.


That's right, as it turns out Yoshida is a Japanese company and it has the market locked with atleast half of the zipper business, which when you think about it is a huge business. Yoshida has a plant based here in the United States which puts out about 5 million zipper/per day!


They do everything from melting the copper, turning it to wire, and making the zipper tape and tab, and we can't for get those teeth!


No the Zipper business, as large as it may be is slowly declining thanks to outsourcing; the fasteners actually only make up about half of the companies revenue, the other half being made up mostly of architectural products, mostly doors and windows.


Well, that's it for this segment of Hard Hats knowledge corner.


Let me know what you think about this episode or if you have any knowledge youd like to throw in my corner hit me up., on the emergency exit podcast facebookpage, or you can txt our hotline at 830-875-0637.


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