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December 5, 2018

From the Left Hash sports - Episode 8

Thanks for joining us for From the Left Hash week 8. Starting off strong we’ve got your answers for your fantasy football playoff woes. Do you start Todd Gurley? Does Spencer Ware belong in the flex? Daryl seems to struggle with this decision, message us on facebook to let him know what you think.


Moving on to UFC 231, Max Holloway v. Brian Ortega. Both fighting for the Featherweight title this Saturday. The guys give their thoughts on the turn outs for the main cards as well as the under cards and the women’s title fight: Valentina Shevchenka v. Joanna Jedrzejzcyk. Tough names to say means it’s going to be a tough fight.


We lightly get into some MLB trades and free agencies. What is the future of some of these clubs with the amount of money they’ve spent in the past? Do the Yankees really have as much money as we think they do?



E pleas his case for him having to run a 40 yard dash to determine if he is faster or slower than Tom Brady. E is wanting to get an age adjusted allowance for his final time. Be sure to stay tunes when we actually go to the field and time/video this event. The guys argue out the final parameters for what E should get.


The guys work out what will be on the line when E comes to run his 40 yard dash. Be sure to listen to the show to hear what JJ and Daryl have on the line if E breaks his time.


Onward to NFL and its biggest story with Kareem Hunt. View the video here, The guys seems to have different stand points on the “brutal kick”. This conversation leads the crew to talk about does the NFL actually care about domestic violence?


JJ and E are at odds about the perception of the Hunt video. Both guys have daughters and are passionate about their view-points and duke it out. Don’t miss this debate!


Pushing into the 4th quarter of the show we talk about the Cowboys and their future with Sean Lee on the bench. Is that the best decision? Let us know on our facebook page.

And finally, wrapping everything up, we got the 2-minute warning! The segment where we give you our picks for the weeks coming games. It’s a running tally the guys have on who has the best record as picking the winners.

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