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From the Left Hash 35: NBA, College WS, Womens soccer, and Aliens

June 27th, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of From the Left Hash. This is episode 35. We've got the usual people, JJ, Mouth from the South Ernest, producer Brandon "The Hard Hat' Mitchell. Daryl is out on a scouting assignment, in his place is long time listener, first timer in studio, Eric ( Last name redacted to to protect the innocent). 

On tonight's show we got alot packed in. Starting off with the college World Series. How bout them Vanderbilties?! The guys recap the game and drool over the pitcher who is rumored to come back to college next year and not go pro. 

What did you think of the Women's World Cup game: US v. Spain? It may have come down to penalty kicks but was it ever exciting! 

Baker Mayfield is in the Austin area giving a football camp, and is apparently talking smack about the University of Texas. People are evening saying he is teaching the kids in camp how to properly do the hook 'em horns upside down. 

If you had to pick your QB for the next 10 years, who would it be and why. Let us know on our facebook page. 

Yankee set a record wit h28 straight games with a HR hit. This doesnt happen very often and is kind of a big deal. 



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