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March 20, 2019

From the Left Hash: 23

On this episode of From the Left Hash, your host JJ, and his trusty side-kick, Ernest, and producers Brandon “The Hard Hat” Mitchell from the Emergency Exit Podcast sits in and fights the urge to derail every talking point blah blah blah. If anyone reads this send us a message on our facebook page for a chance to win an exclusive From the Left Hash t-shirt. Entries will be entered into a drawing and selected at random one week after the original air-date.


First off, the guys jump into baseball and the signing of Mike Trout and his 12-year/$430 million contract signing to the LA Angels and it leads to a “what would be the first thing you would buy?” round table talk.


Making their way into the surprise surprise segment, the topic is gaming. Fornite tournaments, universities offering “gaming degrees” and playing games against other schools, and much more.


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