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October 29, 2018

Emergency Exit 92 LOSpeaks Cultural Appropriation

Hey folks. Halloween is on in two days and I do NOT have my costume ready. I’m concerned that my costume will be offensive.

This week we will talk about what costumes are IN this halloween season, cultural appropriation and tell you the tale of the MAGA BOMBER!

Megan kelly got the boot over at NBC over her comments about blackface

Which Black face is racist? 

Jimmy Kimmel as Karl Malone

Mac as Roger Murtaugh

RDJ as the dude playing the dude that’s disguised as another dude. Kirk Lazarus

Marlon or the other Wayne in White chicks

Jamie Foxx on JRE talking about Blackface (intent)

Is this racist?

WilL Witt from PragerU wears an offensive mexican costume.

Turns out that she might have been fired over her ratings. But this fuss prop made it easier to dump her.

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