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August 6, 2018

Emergency Exit 85 Banned for Hate Speech and Nick’Splains Cults: Heaven’s Gate

On today’s show, The passion breaks down the recycling of the earth. Save your aluminium cans for another day, this isn’t about that at all. However, this tin can is headed for space to fight some Evil Space aliens. Confused?

Don’t trip dawg, the passion’s got you.

This week we got another episode of Nick’Splains Cults: Heaven’s Gate

Later, Alex jones gets banned from facebook and youtube due to "Hate Speech". We talk about the hypocrisy of the Left-wing media, Sarah Jeong the Racist gets an editorial job at the New York Times, and Cadace Owens gets suspended for copying and pasting racist tweets.

But first, we got the Brew World Order.

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