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March 27, 2018

Emergency Exit 69 Knuckle Heads and Oral Sex Origins

On this locked and loaded episode we are joined by host of the Knuclehead Podcast, Stephen Colon. He gives us the low down on being an alpha in your life #dontbeabeta #getsomewins #alphamindset.

We find out what the Brew World Order this week and we lightly caress the history of oral sex. THATS RIGHT. Episode 69 and no better time than now to sit back, loosen those (throat) muscles and listen for the bells. 


If you would like some of the new swag we got or want one of the first shirts off Hard Hats printing press then get at us with a message and we will make it happen. Dont miss out! 


Special thanks to Stephen Colon of the Knucklehead podcast, be sure to find his podcast along with Emergency Exit Podcast where ever you may find your pods. Check out Knucklehead pod on facebook,




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