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Emergency Exit 130 IM-SCREEH-MENT

November 19th, 2019



Break: https://youtu.be/YXrL85dYn4g


Nov 18th 2019

It is again 10pm on channel 10 in our floating tin can.

I am Los.

Jimmy “If trump grows a beard, I’ll shave” Preston

Brandon the hard hat Mitchell




I doubt very many people actually watched the hearings live. Instead most opted to watch their favorite commentators and the clips they chose to show.  I'm no exception. Both sides of the debate seem to think they’re right. But it's clear to me that the "witnesses" were not that one iota. This whole thing is a democratic drama that will further prove how divided this nation is.

Impeachment Polls:


Impeachment hearing highlights 

  • Day 1: George Kent: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and William Taylor: the acting United States ambassador to Ukraine https://youtu.be/Ioms    dvLUxyM (Not one of them was present during the “phone call” in question. Neither of them has even spoken to Trump.
  • Day 2: Maria Yovonivich: Former Ambassador to ukraine.  https://youtu.be/Zh11Dy2t4GU Fired in may ‘19. Has no direct knowledge of phone call

Schiff is losing it. He is UNABLE to provide a fair hearing and is hungry with power. How do I know this? He claimed to have AMPLE evidence of trump collusion with Russia.

Turned out there was no COLLUSION. SO SAYITH MUELLER.

Jimmy was convinced (quick Clip from oct 2018)

Then was caught being pranked by a Russian Morning Radio Show who claimed to have nude photos of him. Why would he want this exactly?)

We obtained exclusive footage of Schiff at home caught on hidden camera.

How can someone this out to get someone as Schiff is for trump, be impartial and run a fair hearing?


Let me ask you out there… Do you think that these hearings will change ANYONE’s mind? 


This whole “Impeach Trump” thing started about 20 min into his presidency. However once the whistleblower came out, it was “officially” started. So the only one we need to hear from is the “Whistleblower’’. 

Shouldn’t the whistleblower testify?



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I'm pretty sure popeyes has added crack or the very least bath salts to their new sandwich

Have you had Popeyes before? 

Is it really so good as to publically freakout?

r/PublicFreakout TIME!

Kid thrown from busdriver

Flop of the year

Is it just me, or is there an uptick in fast food violence lately?

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More scared cop action

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Lt. Dan’s still got it

Fake or not fake?

Very articulate arrest

Guy falls

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