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Emergency Exit 116 Harassing Tweets

August 12th, 2019



So the point of this is what, exactly? 


Is this an attempt to fuel hatred so that people will harass others based on supporting a president? Just imagine if a Republican did this…

Here's his response.


Here is a clip of him getting some shit from people who can see this is divisive and full of hate and simply idiotic. 



Funny videos to end the show on.

https://twitter.com/kelliekelly23/status/1160461101655445505?s=09 titties and fights


https://twitter.com/MarkDice/status/1160660971016208384?s=09 drag queen teaching twerking to kids.


https://youtu.be/QDeeMbtoXtQ woman won't have sex with dude and dude leaves her in the cold. Fucked up, but pretty funny

.https://youtu.be/XbJrIeEjtaY he thanks his wife, and his girlfriend.