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April 24, 2018

Emergency Exit 73 Easter Island, a lost culture?

On tonights episode Carlos hands the reigns over to Brandon and he takes us on a voyage across the South Pacific to an island called Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. We cover a biref history of the people and how they came to be, but the heart of this episode is discussing the new theory coming around to what happened to these Rapanuians. 


Hard Hat got one hell of a sun burn from going all the way out to Easter Island in his canoe just like the Polynesians did back in 700AD. Once they settled they almost immediatly started building these Moai, the stone heads. There are in total 887 on this island. Only a handfull of them are actually in place, a moajority of these Moai are still in the quarry in some stage of carving, which has giving people the process of carving these huge statues that were viewed as Chiefs of days past. 


Los brings us some news, no brew world order this week, also we were sans Passion, Nick "The Passion" Rieter that is. He was on special assignment and will report back next week. 


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