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May 2, 2018

Emergency Exit 74 Beer Run, Sliced Ketchup, and the Cosby Deposition Theatre


Hey there Exiters! Welcome to Emergency Exit podcast episode 74! On this weeks episode Los, Brandon and Nick dive deep into the news and then, taking a brief breather, to play some of their world famous “That’s Right Game”. Tonight was a total NEWSISODE! But don’t worry, they didn’t leave you beer loving goofs without a good brew world order to enjoy!


Los, Hardhat and the Passion did an awesome round table of current news stories. You know that song by Queen, Another One Bites The Dust? Well according to the Passion, there are some tips to get back anywhere from 10-14 years and keep that dust at bay! Crazy, right? Oh and hey, do we have any ketchup fans out there? How’d you feel about some sliced ketchup!? The Hardhat Mitchell busts out some awesome ideas coming from Kickstarter, but does anyone smell some Monsanto in the house? Catch Episode 51 that the guys did on Monsanto, be in the know and find the connections to this weeks news story.


The guys ended the night with Los bringing us a little Cosby theater. Yep, that’s right! COSBY THEATER! There ain’t no puddin’ in those pops. So sit back, relax, and saddle up to Los, The Hardhat and The Passion on this weeks episode. 




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