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From the Left Hash Sports - Episode 6

November 17th, 2018

This week on From the Left Hash the guys talk NBA, MLB, and some UFC, in addition to the usual Texas Longhorns football and our ever famous 2-minute warning to close out every show. Be sure to listen to Sleepers & Studs and set your fantasy line-up accordingly. 


Send us your fantasy or general sports questions! We are on facebook: From the Left Hash, twitter: @lefthashsports and your question may be answer on the air. 


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From the Left Hash - Episode 5

November 10th, 2018

On this episode of From the Left Hash sports cast we got a full house with Daryl finally coming back from his road trip rodeo in Colorado; he fills us in on the details of his trip, sitting in again is none other than the one and only E. Be sure to stick around for the end of the show to hear the 2 Minute Warning, where we give you our pig skin pick ‘ems for the weekends’ games.


We jump right into things with the classic Sleepers & Studs and answer some fan fantasy mail, your one stop shop for all things fantasy football. Don’t know who to drop, questioning who to pick up, make sure to send us your questions on facebook or twitter @lefthashsports or to have your fantasy team criticized.  


We make sure to break up the sports talk with our signature “Surprise Surprise” segment. Who is the best rapper? The guys have a split opinion on this one. It comes down to the classic East coast v. West coast. Notorious BIG v. Tupac. Be sure to answer our twitter poll and help settle our in-show dispute.


What was your take on the Saints picking up Dez Bryant? 


Send us a message saying whose better, Dak or Kap, as in Kaepernick on facebook.


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From the Left Hash sports - Episode 4

November 3rd, 2018

In this episode of From the Left Hash sports, your host, JJ, and his sidekick E open up with their Sleepers and Studs in fantasy football fro the coming week, then they get into the UFC match ups to come this weekend, don"t forget to check them out and in case of balls over heating, taking off ones shorts is understandable. 

Moving on to college football, was Texas head coach right in suspending players for being late to a team meeting? What sort of standard is this setting? Did this move cost Texas the game and possible the season? Vote in our twitter poll, make your voice heard. 

In our Surprise section the guys break the sports talk with this segment of randomness, featuring Brad Pitt, JJ's all time favorite actor, maybe even person. 


Be sure to stick around for the 2 minute warning to hear JJ & E's NFL picks for the upcoming games, Daryls can be heard immediately after the end of the show.  Agree with some of these picks? Hate even more of them? Let us know by reaching out on Facebook. Vote in our twitter poll here


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Emergency Exit 92 LOSpeaks Cultural Appropriation

October 29th, 2018

Hey folks. Halloween is on in two days and I do NOT have my costume ready. I’m concerned that my costume will be offensive.

This week we will talk about what costumes are IN this halloween season, cultural appropriation and tell you the tale of the MAGA BOMBER!

Megan kelly got the boot over at NBC over her comments about blackface


Which Black face is racist? 

Jimmy Kimmel as Karl Malone


Mac as Roger Murtaugh


RDJ as the dude playing the dude that’s disguised as another dude. Kirk Lazarus


Marlon or the other Wayne in White chicks


Jamie Foxx on JRE talking about Blackface (intent)


Is this racist?


WilL Witt from PragerU wears an offensive mexican costume.

Turns out that she might have been fired over her ratings. But this fuss prop made it easier to dump her.


From the Left Hash sports - Episode 3

October 27th, 2018

On tonights episode of From the Left Hash we hear from Daryl while hes on a 3 week road schedule, while JJ is joined by Ernest in the studio and talk cheating Astros, shit golf, and grown man strength in addition to the obvious World Series, University of Texas football, Dallas Cowboys and so much more in this packed episode. Be sure to check us out on all the social medias: https://www.facebook.com/Lefthashsports/ https://twitter.com/lefthashsports


Get at us on facebook with your fantasy sports questions and have the guys rate your teams lineup. 


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Emergency Exit 91 Myers Briggs Type Indicator

October 22nd, 2018

On today’s show, Hard and I get to know each other a little better through a little test known as the Myers-Briggs personality test. Who was Myers and/or Briggs and why do they think they know how to categorize everyone? Find out the genesis of this test is and if it even has any scientific credibility….

Plus we will  get into the Midterm Elections bond propositions in austin with our very own Andy “The Brain” Blanton

Later Boss panties, paid protesters, and Louis CK in the news. It’s going to be a good one!




From the Left Hash sports - Episode 2

October 20th, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of From the Left Hash sports cast. Today we got controversial calls in the Red Sox/Astros game, Basketball and LeBron money talk, and listner fantasy team ratings. Be sure to send us your fantasy sport questions and have it answered on air. 

We also talk the usual college football week in review, the week ahead, and stick around for our 2 minute warning when we give our pick 'ems for the weeks NFL games. 

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From the Left Hash sportscast

October 13th, 2018

What happens when you lock two guys in a room to talk about sports and the only thing they can agree on is University of Texas football? You end up with JJ and Daryl "Double D" Dikes talking all things sports in this nationaly syndicated show. With segments like Sleepers & Studs, You Bet on What?!?!, and everyones favorite the 2-minute warning you can be certain these guys know their sports ball.


In this very first episode of From the Left Hash, the guys talk about the recent UFC main card match up, Khabib v. McGregor, then we shift over to MLB, its playoff time people! Then we press on to big story, University of Texas football beating the Oklahaoma Sooners, and the guys make their predictions for how the Longhorns will fare the rest of the season.


Moving on from there we cover NFL and Texans v. Cowboys. JJ is sure to let Daryl know the Texans own Texas for the next 4 years, and making sure the guy pass down all their NFL knowledge we wrap up the show with our 2 minute warning segment so you can be sure to put all your money on the cubbies and win big.

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Emergency Exit 90 LOSpeaks Kavanaugh

October 10th, 2018





https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/porn-charge-kentucky-man-ordered-child-sex-dolls-58276134 wtf?

https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2018/10/05/lacroix-lawsuit-claims-sparkling-water-ingredients-cockroach-insecticide/1532241002/ is La Croix water really 100 percent natural?

https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article219544575.html something strange washed ashore in Charlotte.


Emergency Exit 89 Flat Earth Equinox Pudding Pops

September 24th, 2018

On today’s show, we’ll learn about the Autumn Equinox and even better, how Flat Earthers debunk it when we go Flearthin’.  We’ll also discuss the Free Alex Jones Rally that happened this weekend here, in Austin, Plus Hardhat hits us with some random fact trivia . Later, Cell Phone theft, food stamps, and an important update on convicted rapist Bill Cosby when we got the news.  

But first, we got the Brew World Order.

Emergency Exit 88 Flat Earf With DelanoTV

September 10th, 2018

On today’s show, we will get meet a hilarious believer and preacher of the “Flat Earf” and read Flat Earth Youtube comments as we go FLEARTHIN’! Later Idiom for the GOLDEN JAZZMASTER!

But first, we got the Brew World Order.



LOSpeaks 6 Guns in Illinois

September 3rd, 2018

On this shorty episode of LOSpeaks, Los talks about an article in the Chicago Tribune.


Again, people block up the freeway because people are still killing each other with guns. But what can be done short of banning all guns? Banning guns isn’t the answer either.


Illinois already has the STRICTEST gun laws in america.  Why does risking your life by being on an active freeway seem like a good idea?

What do these people want? How can we talk about this?

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Emergency Exit 87 The “Big Switch” and KumPOOcha

August 27th, 2018

Let’s talk about the “Big Switch”

Republicans: The Grand Old Party. The party of the Fat Cat Big Wigs. The GOP was once referred to as classical liberalism with ideological stands that were anti-slavery and pro-economic reform.  The GOP's political platform supports lower taxes, free market capitalism, free enterprise, a strong national defense, gun rights, deregulation, and restrictions on labor unions. The first and last republicans are Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.

Democrats: The main opposition to the GOP.. The party that started and wanted to expand slavery to the point of a civil war. The party of 17th president Andrew Jackson, who’s fondness for making and breaking native american treaties led to the single worst episode in America’s history…. The Trail of Tears. Today, the House Democratic caucus is composed mostly of centrists and progressives, with a small minority of conservative Democrats. The party's philosophy of modern liberalism advocates social and economic equality, along with the welfare state. It seeks to provide government intervention and regulation in the economy.

So with the Democrats roots in Slavery, Jim Crow laws, and Indian tears, what happened? This isn’t the platform i hear about today. I always heard about a “Big Switch” as I learned about politics. The idea that republicans and democrats suddenly switched political parties. The once racist democrats are now the racist republicans?

But what is that all about? In my research, i found little evidence that republicans ever owned slaves. (However I did find one instance where Lincoln owned a slave) I found that democrats loved slavery to the point of fighting for it. But that’s not what i hear and see today,


The democratic party in 2018 will tell you that they are on the front lines of social justice, racial equality, civil rights, and above all, Democrats are the party of inclusion. This hasn’t always been the platform of the Democratic party.




Emergency Exit 86 No RESPICT for White South African Farmers

August 20th, 2018

This week, we do the current news from around the globe!

But first, we got the Brew World Order.

Emergency Exit Podcast

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Los news 86


Peegasms https://www.whimn.com.au/love/intimacy/theres-a-new-way-to-orgasm-and-its-super-weird/news-story/43a2c340a36bc7472a0af08648dc17a7


It was “symbolic”. How cute. Walk of fame is history. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/6/west-hollywood-city-council-passes-resolution-remo/


https://freebeacon.com/politics/al-sharpton-messes-name-legendary-aretha-franklin-song-r-e-s-p-c-t/ rev al Sharpton mispelled respect







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYnI--eSbnc paul mccartney's new tune

Hard Hat’s Knowledge Corner: Local Austin pub has ties to the Alamo

August 9th, 2018

In this episode of Hard Hat's Knowledge Corner, we uncover a hidden link between an Irish pub located in the heart of Austin, Texas and the Battle of the Alamo. B.D. Riely's is located on 6th street, yes that 6th, in Austin. Over its years it has been many things. I speak with a local haunted tour guide, Anna, about the history of this pub and how Susanna Dickenson and Joseph William Hannig have ties to Davy Crockett, James Bowie, and General Santa Anna. 


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twitter: @emexpod


Emergency Exit 85 Banned for Hate Speech and Nick’Splains Cults: Heaven’s Gate

August 6th, 2018

On today’s show, The passion breaks down the recycling of the earth. Save your aluminium cans for another day, this isn’t about that at all. However, this tin can is headed for space to fight some Evil Space aliens. Confused?

Don’t trip dawg, the passion’s got you.

This week we got another episode of Nick’Splains Cults: Heaven’s Gate

Later, Alex jones gets banned from facebook and youtube due to "Hate Speech". We talk about the hypocrisy of the Left-wing media, Sarah Jeong the Racist gets an editorial job at the New York Times, and Cadace Owens gets suspended for copying and pasting racist tweets.

But first, we got the Brew World Order.

Emergency Exit Podcast

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Emergency Exit 84 Microaggressions and Banned Media

July 30th, 2018

On today’s show, the final of 3 episodes on freedom of speech. We first went over the facts about hate speech. We learned that there is no such thing as so called “Hate Speech”. In our last episode, we learned about where political correctness came from and where it's going. This week, we will bring you Microaggressions and banned media.

We will discuss different media that has been banned. From music to art and books, some things have been deemed immoral or indecent and we will talk about them.

But first, we got the Brew World Order.


Emergency Exit Podcast

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Emergency Exit 83 Political Correctness

July 23rd, 2018

On today’s program the 2nd of 3 episodes on Speech. More specifically, Freedom of Speech. Are we free to say anything we want? What happens if someone doesn’t like what you have to say? What you say can and will be used against you and anything you say could be presumed as perhaps hateful.

This week, we will discuss Political Correctness.

For nearly 100 years, Political Correctness has been brewing. Once someone called Postman Pauly, is now somehow called Postal Carrier Pauly. And you most certainly should never call anyone a shitface either.

Our language and culture is under attack by the marx. No, not Chico, Zeppo, Gummo, Harpo and Groucho. I’m talking about Marxism. We dive into where and when Political Correctness came from and where it’s going. Plus we will take your calls “PC or not PC?” That’ll be the question.

Later, an unwarranted protection fee charged to a 23 year old free speech speaker by Australia police in the News....

But first, before we drink this horrible PC that’s been brewing for a century,I was thinking we start with something a little more palatable with this Brew World Order.


Emergency Exit Podcast

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Emergency Exit 82 Freedom of Hate Speech

July 16th, 2018

On today’s program the 1st of 3 episodes on Speech. More specifically, Freedom of Speech. Are we free to say anything we want? What happens if someone doesn’t like what you have to say? What you say can and will be used against you and anything you say could be presumed as perhaps hateful.

Today we talk about Hate Speech.

We’re going to discuss some supreme court cases involving speech implicating hate. We’ll also find out the consequences of Offensive Speech around the globe and find out the differences between hate and free speech. Plus, we dive into Universal Health Care later in the news.  But first, we got the Brew World Order.

Westboro Baptist Church Austin Protest

July 9th, 2018

For 28 years, the Westboro Baptist church from Kansas have picketted and protested the Military, the Christians, and the Episcopalian Church among others. We wake up early to get a glimpse into what goes on during a Westboro Baptist Church Protest of the Episcopalian Churches in Austin Texas. 3 locations and protests in one day, 2 separate Episcopalian Churches and the last at the Episcopalian Convention at the Austin Convention Center. We talk to both sides and watch non-edited interviews and conversations. Free speech is important. Even if its used to spread the Lord's Word. We should never deem anything as "Hate" Speech.






Emergency Exit 81 The Malmstrom Incident

July 2nd, 2018

On today’s show, we travel back to 1967 to get the story of how 10 ballistic missiles went offline during a mysterious sighting of a glowing red UFO. Plus Bill Nye gets verbally abused when we talk about “The Malmstrom Incident” when we go INTO THE MYSTIC

Later we see the warzone in portland during saturday's protest.

But first, we got the Brew World Order.


Emergency Exit Podcast

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Emergency Exit 80 DUMBass Raven and Double Dippin.

June 25th, 2018

On today’s show, what happens when the world goes to war again? When all the nations bring out the nuclear weapons?  But what about the officials in the U.S. government? Where do they head off when we start hugging people with nuclear arms? That's what we’ll find out about tonight. But first, the Brew World Order….

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-5848667/How-party-dips-Norovirus-HERPES.html Play No Double Dipping Clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLOyChP2AWA

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-wearables/blood-sweat-and-accessories-artist-recycles-bodily-fluids-for-fashion-idUSKBN1JG1UP A great idea for all of youthat want to turn your Jizz Socks into sweet nightstand sculptures.

https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/period-sex-blankets-available-buy-12767424 No more bloddy towels… will set you back 370 bucks.

When you’re at a baseball game, you accept the risk you will be hit by a baseball….https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/philadelphia-phillies-baseball-fan-shot-12758347

https://www.thelocal.no/20180621/land-of-chlamydia-provocative-ad-greets-tourists-to-norway land of aids

LOSpeaks 5 When Does Life Begin?

June 18th, 2018

Emergency Exit 79 Nick’Splains JONESTOWN

June 13th, 2018

On today’s show Nick brought the kool-aid for his special instalment of Nick ‘Splains: Cults”.

And as it seems, we are out of sugar in the tin can, guys is valium and cyanide ok in your kool-aid?

But first, we got the Brew World Order.

LOVE STREET Karbach Brewery


We listen to audio of the demon Jim Jones. This guy is a fucking drug addled maniac that murdered 900+ people. Nick breaks down his beginning and how he ended up with a bullet in his head.

In the news Los brings us a story of a teacher that was suspended AGAIN that told a student to, "Lick me where i fart".

Emergency Exit Podcast

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Emergency Exit 78 Cecil Hotel and the Lam Flavored Water

June 4th, 2018

On today’s show, . Hard Hat brings us one of his famous audio quiz games,We will also talk about the mysterious death of a canadian woman’s body found floating and bloated inside a los angeles hotel. Why did she do it? What's with the video of her in that elevator? Was a satanic cult  behind it? We will find out the facts of the mysterious death of ELISA LAM when we travel INTO THE MYSTIK...but first, we got the Brew World Order.

WATCH ELISA:The Documentary


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Limontime39 - Lemon's IG

Kick Ass People: Modern Mortician w/ Kermit the Dog

May 28th, 2018

In this first installment of Kick Ass People, Brandon sits down with Melissa Unfred the Modern Mortician. A woman bent on making changes in the death care industry. From things like "green" burials to biodegradable caskets, the Modern Mortician believes changing the death care industry can not be done without being involved in the entire process which is why she hopes to bring change not only in death care but also in the way you and I percieve death. 


 You can find out more about Melissa and see pictures of Kermit the Dog on The Modern Morticians facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheModernMortician/?rc=p and http://themodernmortician.com/  


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LOSpeaks 4 It’s Time For Everyone To Wear Body Cams Now

May 24th, 2018

In light of the 3 recent body cam videos shattering the racist claims (and yes, they are comfirmed) of racist white police men targeting black folk and Morgan Freeman accused of sexual misconduct, Los has the answer on how to not get accused of sexual harassment and assult... 


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Emergency Exit 77 Games Show w/ LEMON!

May 21st, 2018

This week we are joined by our favorite guest, LEMON! We treat her to a game show packed episode!

Los hosts the "That's Right" Game! who will win?

Nick brings back the Idiot or Idiom GAME!

Los gives you the news,

Starbucks open their bathrooms to the public and  Jeff the texan sues for the shitty toilet paper.

Cops say that making pot legal will mean that they have to kill their dogs. 



Twitter @EmExPOD

Emergency Exit 76 At the Movies: Showdown in Little Tokyo

May 14th, 2018

In this episode we provide commentary for the wonderfuly terrible movie Showdown in Little Tokyo starring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee.

It begins with Los playing a clip claiming that Bruce Lee didn't ever fight and was just a great actor with a love for Martial Arts. 

As we watch the drinking continues with a drinking game. drink along!


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Hard Hats Knowledge Corner: YKK on yo’ zippa!

May 8th, 2018

Hey, what are you doing right now? Actually, more like, what are you wearing right now?


Does it have a zipper?


Look at it, does it say “YKK”?


There's a good chance it does. Hey there, Im the hard hat from the emergency exit podcast. Thank you for joining me in episode 1 of Hard Hats Knowledge corner. My first knowledge point may not save your life someday, but it may have a good chance at winning you trivia night, so trivia goers, volume up!


YKK is the manufacturing mark of  Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, now you know why they only put YKK on the zipper.


That's right, as it turns out Yoshida is a Japanese company and it has the market locked with atleast half of the zipper business, which when you think about it is a huge business. Yoshida has a plant based here in the United States which puts out about 5 million zipper/per day!


They do everything from melting the copper, turning it to wire, and making the zipper tape and tab, and we can't for get those teeth!


No the Zipper business, as large as it may be is slowly declining thanks to outsourcing; the fasteners actually only make up about half of the companies revenue, the other half being made up mostly of architectural products, mostly doors and windows.


Well, that's it for this segment of Hard Hats knowledge corner.


Let me know what you think about this episode or if you have any knowledge youd like to throw in my corner hit me up. emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com, on the emergency exit podcast facebookpage, or you can txt our hotline at 830-875-0637.


And as always, be sure to subscribe to emergency exit podcast and be the first to know when new content is released. It's almost insider information… Stay tuned for how to get actual insider information….


Music Credit:


Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100499

Artist: http://incompetech.com/


Emergency Exit 75 KAP w/ Conspirinormal

May 7th, 2018

This week we talk to Adam, Rob, and Serfiel from Conspirinormal Podcast! 

  • Conspirinormal is a Podcast that explores both Conspiratorial and Paranormal Topics.
  • OVER 200 Episodes
  • Covering topics such as the Mothman, UFOS, Fairies, Ghosts, anything on the fringe. They also conduct long form interviews with authors on those topics

Main topic for the night was TV fan theories. The boys covered tv shows ranging from Lost, Giligans Island, Rugrats, just to name a few. This will definitely a multi episode special.


Moving on, Los brings us some news stories and he always delivers. That’s right, he hits us with 4 laughable, sometimes questionable, but always enjoyable current news. From child porn loving Bigfoot hunters to learning “The 3 R’s”, remove, ring, and reuse. What’s Los talking about?


Sit back, crack that brew and grab a friend. This is Emergency Exit.

Thank you Adam, Rob, and Serfiel of Conspirinormal!



News links 





Horror story: http://www.fox5ny.com/news/woman-claims-restaurant-manager-came-to-home-after-she-left-3-star-review-on-yel



Hard Hats trash can update

May 5th, 2018

In this bonus clip, Brandon sits down and fills us in on his pesky neighbor and their ongoing trash can dispute. 


After his home, busy body neighbor a few weeks back moved Hard Hats trash can from the curb up to the garage, which is not where it belongs, it really rubbed him the wrong way. SHE TOUCHED A MANS TRASHCAN.

Well after a few weeks of incident free trash days, on day they completly disappeared. Full on Missing in Action. Did she take them? Is their a trash thief running around? Who knows?!


Music by:

Song: Sappheiros - Lights  



Los Peaks 3 Why Do We Hate Trump?

May 3rd, 2018

Why do we hate President Trump so much?

Los goes over some reasons and why he isn't fooled by it. Is he racist? Homophobe? Xenophobe? Sexist? Maybe...

Los will discuss reasons why he disagrees with them.

What will happen if Trump wins a nobel peace prize? Do you think he will get it?

Do you agree with Los? What, you don't agree?

Visit EmergencyExitPodcast.com - hit up the contact page and leave a strongly worded letter.

Emergency Exit 74 Beer Run, Sliced Ketchup, and the Cosby Deposition Theatre

May 2nd, 2018


Hey there Exiters! Welcome to Emergency Exit podcast episode 74! On this weeks episode Los, Brandon and Nick dive deep into the news and then, taking a brief breather, to play some of their world famous “That’s Right Game”. Tonight was a total NEWSISODE! But don’t worry, they didn’t leave you beer loving goofs without a good brew world order to enjoy!


Los, Hardhat and the Passion did an awesome round table of current news stories. You know that song by Queen, Another One Bites The Dust? Well according to the Passion, there are some tips to get back anywhere from 10-14 years and keep that dust at bay! Crazy, right? Oh and hey, do we have any ketchup fans out there? How’d you feel about some sliced ketchup!? The Hardhat Mitchell busts out some awesome ideas coming from Kickstarter, but does anyone smell some Monsanto in the house? Catch Episode 51 that the guys did on Monsanto, be in the know and find the connections to this weeks news story.


The guys ended the night with Los bringing us a little Cosby theater. Yep, that’s right! COSBY THEATER! There ain’t no puddin’ in those pops. So sit back, relax, and saddle up to Los, The Hardhat and The Passion on this weeks episode. 




If you have any topics you’d like us to cover or if you just want to say hi, we always love hellos, you can find us at:


twitter: @emexpod

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email us at: emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com




Los Peaks 2 No Free Lunches

April 25th, 2018

Los rants about Kanye West's excile from the Liberal Left when he tweets how he likes how Candice Owens thinks. Trump's Budget guy says children do not benefit from having free lunches and Los throws his opinion on the current Cosby Trial. 


Emergency Exit 73 Easter Island, a lost culture?

April 24th, 2018

On tonights episode Carlos hands the reigns over to Brandon and he takes us on a voyage across the South Pacific to an island called Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. We cover a biref history of the people and how they came to be, but the heart of this episode is discussing the new theory coming around to what happened to these Rapanuians. 


Hard Hat got one hell of a sun burn from going all the way out to Easter Island in his canoe just like the Polynesians did back in 700AD. Once they settled they almost immediatly started building these Moai, the stone heads. There are in total 887 on this island. Only a handfull of them are actually in place, a moajority of these Moai are still in the quarry in some stage of carving, which has giving people the process of carving these huge statues that were viewed as Chiefs of days past. 


Los brings us some news, no brew world order this week, also we were sans Passion, Nick "The Passion" Rieter that is. He was on special assignment and will report back next week. 


Brandon tried out a new nick name for Carlos, what did you think about it? Do you have a suggestion? Email us at emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com 

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Los Peaks 1 Starbucks Controversy

April 18th, 2018

Los Peaks is a dive into what Los thinks about things going on in the world that bothers him. Opinions are your own and this is his, whether it's wrong to you or right. If you agree with Los or not, throw in your question or opinion and let’s get some REAL dialogue flowing.


Episode 1 Starbucks Controversy

In episode One Los introduces his new solo podcast Los Peaks. What Peaks his interests today is the Starbucks Controversy. 2 Men essentially arrested for being black. Was it racism at it’s core? Los does not think so. Your Thoughts?

Pencil Sharpeners being banned in an Elementary School because 7 kids thought it would be awesome to cut their wrists with the little blade. What’s next on the ban list? Your opinion?

Immigration is brought up briefly. Do you think he was right to say living in America without obtaining proper citizenship is a bad way to live?  

Los brings up how children are being fed meth and it is ruining their underdeveloped brain. Is this something you agree with?

Lots more questions can be asked, so send me yours. Go to https://www.emergencyexitpodcast.com/contact with the subject line: LOS peaks.

Emergency Exit 72 Nick’Splains Cults

April 16th, 2018

Nick takes over hosting duties this week as he explains cults in the first of many Nick'Splains episodes on this subject. Nick breaks down the definitions and similarities between cults and religion. Later Los brings you stories on a high school fight club, Spider Burgers, and Flaming Lawyers. We also get an App Review as Los tests the BED BEATS APP.



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Emergency Exit 71 Guns, Apu, and Poo from the zoo

April 9th, 2018


Welcome to Emergency Exit episode 71! Tonight we pop it open with a Brew World Order. We tried out Circle Brewing Co.’s Blur hefeweizen and gave her a good ole rank on the one to fiver That's Right scale. Have you tried it? What do you think? Hit us up at emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com. And Hey! while you’re telling us what ya thinking the brew, go ahead and give the question of the week a shot. You could win an official Emergency Exit Podcast swag bag! I mean really, Who doesn’t like swag. It’s Swag.


Question of the week:

“When druggist and chemist, John Pemberton, invented this beverage in Columbus, Georgia in 1886 he referred to it as ‘Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage’. What do we know it as today?"

I’d go with celebrated stomach bitters but, then I’d be out of a swag bag.



After wettin’ our whistles we hopped into the news. You can bet your bottom we covered everything from poop to ancient middle fingers. We got a call from Mr. Coach and Los is on the hunt for a nickname, get at us if you have any suggestions. 



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Emergency Exit 70 Lucid Dreams and Memory Tests

April 2nd, 2018

Welcome to Emergency Exit Episode 70! Man we’re getting old. Good thing we’re covering memories and dreaming on today’s episode!


So lets inception this topic and get to the bottom of what’s up! See what I did there? That’s right! Tonight on into the mystic we have Sabrina in studio who’s had lots of experience with lucid dreaming and even a little with astro-projecting! We’ll cover the stages of sleep and talk about some of our own lucid dreams.


Then later on... Do you remember that one time, at band camp? No? It’s okay we don’t remember either. Let’s find out why when we talk memories and memory tests.


So settle in, grab a drink and let’s do this.


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Episode 69 After Show

March 31st, 2018

We leave the mics on after we got done washing our mouths out with soap after using all those down and dirty terms for oral sex and its origins. Just some good old round table discussion with the guys and Stephen of the Knucklehead Podcast. Enjoy.





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Emergency Exit 69 Knuckle Heads and Oral Sex Origins

March 27th, 2018

On this locked and loaded episode we are joined by host of the Knuclehead Podcast, Stephen Colon. He gives us the low down on being an alpha in your life #dontbeabeta #getsomewins #alphamindset.

We find out what the Brew World Order this week and we lightly caress the history of oral sex. THATS RIGHT. Episode 69 and no better time than now to sit back, loosen those (throat) muscles and listen for the bells. 






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Where the F*ck is my Emergency Exit?!?!!

March 19th, 2018

Hey guys, if you can't tell we are taking the week off. We all had some dueling schedules and just couldn't make it work this week. Don't fear, for we have some great episodes in the making. Next week we are back with our 69th episode w/ a special guest in studio.

Be sure to check back for new shows regularly, the Austin Facial Hair Club just released episode 4 and features Los as he competes in the styled mustache portion.

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So for Nick, for Los, and Brandon.... THAT'S RIGHT!

Austin Facial Hair Club Podcast 4

March 18th, 2018

On the episode, we traveled to Corpus Christi to hang out with the Hairy Hooligans.

Moustache Brother Los interviews competitors from the Beards on the Bay 2018 competition in benefit of the Ronald MacDonald House Corpus Christi.

Much fun was had and it matched the amount of beer we drank. Thanks Johnny Rodriguez and the rest of the Harry Hooligans for putting on a great show!


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Emergency Exit 68.5 Sleep Paralysis & Seeing Tyler Durden

March 12th, 2018


Tonight was a very special episode dedicated to Sleep Paralysis. What is this odd phenomena that affects up to 8% of the worlds population, men and women equally affected. Shadow people, aliens, the old hag? Who knows what this feels like? We have a special guest joining us by phone and gives us her experiences with Sleep Paralysis for over 20 years!


We also have the Brew World Order. Los surprises the gang with a secret brew at the suggestion of a listener of our sister show, the Austin Facial Hair Club Podcast. Find out how the guys respond to this humble hoppy offering.


If you liked this special episode of Sleep Paralysis let us know how we did. Did you like it, did you hate it? Have a suggestion for a future topic? Email us at emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com


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Austin Facial Hair Club Podcast 3

March 1st, 2018

That’s Right

Down to the follicle we will go to talk about the facial hair that we grow.

This is the austin facial hair club podcast

This is your place to catch up on everything in the competitive world of Facial Hair.

I am your moustache brother Los

Joining this week, fellow AFHC Brothers Brandon and Michael The Brothers TOOHEY!


This week we go over our time at CASI 12, give you the secret to passion, and info on Beard and moustache Competitons all over the nation!

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Episode preview: Sleep Paralysis

February 28th, 2018

Be sure to join Emergency Exit as we go INTO THE MYSTIC and explore Sleep Paralysis.

What is this bizarre condition that leaves its victims unable to move? Is this a spiritual experience, what about Aliens? Shadow People?

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Have you tried to answer Hard Hats Question of the week?

In the RGB color model used to create colors on TV and computer screens, how is the color white made?

Email your answer to Emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com, slide in our DM's on twitter, @EmExPod. This weeks winner will get an Emergency Exit Branded t-shirt!

Until next time, for Nick, for Los, I am Brandon saying, THATS RIGHT

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Emergency Exit 67 That’s Right Game!

February 27th, 2018

On tonights show we got the news! We got a new game. Hard Hate has some beef. You need some entertainment and laughs, we got you. Nick and Los discuss their favorite Kevin Smith movie.


The Washington Post: A CDC researcher left work sick two weeks ago — then vanished.



Detroit Free Press: Richard Spencer's college tour mired in litigation.



CBS News: Remembering 1968: The revolutionary "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band"



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Come join us next week as we explore the mysterious condition known as Sleep Paralysis. What is it? What does it feel like? Who does it affect? Find out all these and more. If youve ever experienced this condition email us at emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com

For Nick, for Los, for Brandon. Thats right!







Sleep Paralysis teaser

February 26th, 2018

Be sure to join Emergency Exit as we go INTO THE MYSTIC and explore Sleep Paralysis.

What is this bizarre condition that leaves its victims unable to move? Is this a spiritual experience, what about Aliens? Shadow People?

Tune in Monday March 5th on facebook LIVE as we do our best to uncover this little talked about condition. Like Emergency Exit Podcast on facebook and be the first to know when we go live.

Do you have a Sleep Paralysis story, email us at emergencyexitpodcast@gmail.com. Subscribe to Emergency Exit podcasts wherever you gets your pods.

Until next time, for Nick, for Los, I am Brandon saying, THATS RIGHT

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Upcoming Episode Teaser

February 23rd, 2018


Be sure to join Emergency Exit as we go INTO THE MYSTIC and explore Sleep Paralysis.


What is this bizarre condition that leaves its victims unable to move? Is this a spiritual experience, what about Aliens? Shadow People?


Tune in Monday March 5th on facebook LIVE as we do our best to uncover this little talked about condition. Like Emergency Exit Podcast on facebook and be the first to know when we go live.


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Have you tried to answer Hard Hats Question of the week?

Everyone knows of the Northern lights, some might call them the aura borealis. What causes these strange dancing lights in the sky?


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Until next time, for Nick, for Los, I am Brandon saying, THATS RIGHT



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